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Zombie Flesh Eaters – Arrow Blu Ray Review

Arrow Video have released Zombie Flesh Eaters, also known as Zombie and Zombie 2 onto Blu ray with a fantastic new transfer and with bags of extras.

A Young American woman and a journalist investigate a tropical island where a deadly disease is making the dead walk… Soon, thoughts of getting to the bottom of the murderous curse will be forgotten, as the walking corpses overwhelm the living and reports come in that the Big Apple is swarming with the living dead…

zombie fleah eaters blu rayThe most famous video nasty in the UK during the 1980’s Zombie Flesh Eaters was banned for a while then released heavily cut. This new uncut Blu ray release has a new transfer, with all work personally overseen by Restoration Supervisor James White at Deluxe Soho, London.

The film when viewed today is definitely director Lucio Fulci’s best work, the plot flows nicely, atmosphere and tension are built up as the film progresses and the acting in most cases is good. What does stand up even today is the astonishing makeup effects by Gino Rossi, gruesome and gory and not for the faint-hearted.

The 1080p transfer as mentioned is very good, lots of detail, fine grain with not too much DNR used, this is one of Arrows best releases of an Italian horror and shows it was worth the time and effort to supervise there own transfer. Audio has two choices both in original 2.0 mono, English or Italian language with optional English subtitles. The audio is very good, with clean and clear reproduction.

It’s the extras that Arrow pull out all the stops with a great range of choices all in 1080p HD.  Firstly there are two audio commentaries, the first with Lucio Fulci biographer Stephen Thrower and horror cinema expert Alan Jones. This is excellent with a very informative chat about the production and Italian films during the 70’s in general. The other audio commentary is by Elisa Briganti, who wrote the script for Zombie Flesh Eaters, discusses in great detail the main themes in the film, the controversy surrounding the film’s release and her relationship with director Lucio Fulci.

Next is From Romero to Rome: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Zombie Film. An excellent 60 minute documentary about Italian horror cinema featuring Russ Streiner, Kim Newman, director Luigi Cozzi, Ruggero Deodato and more.

On disc 2 is Aliens, Cannibals and Zombies in which actor Ian McCulloch discusses his involvement with this film and the two other Italian horror films he made, he still seems a bit surprised at how popular these films are with the fans!

Zombie Flesh Eaters – From Script to Screen – scenarist Dardano Sacchetti shows the original script for Zombie Flesh Eaters.

Music For A Flesh-Feast – a Q&A session with Zombie Flesh Eaters composer Fabio Frizzi, recorded at the Glasgow Film Theatre in August 2012.

The Meat Munching Movies of Gino De Rossi – the special effects and make-up artist Giannetto De Rossi discusses his collaboration with Lucio Fulci on Zombie Flesh Eaters and other movies, showing props and stuff used in the films which he still keeps in a collection.

Booklet – 40-page illustrated booklet featuring Stephen Thrower’s essay “The Joys of Repulsion, Or Anthrophagy in the UK: An Appreciation of Zombie Flesh Eaters”; “An Eye For An Eye – An Interview with Olga Karlatos”, conducted by Calum Waddell; “Zombie Flesh Eaters and the BBFC” by Craig Lapper; “Pages From the Original ‘Nightmare Island’ Screenplay” by Jay Slater; posters; and Lucio Fulci CV compiled by Jay Slater.

Finally a bunch of trailers. The film also gives you the choice of which title you start the film with, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie or Zombi 2.

Overall a fantastic package for a film which stands up well after all these years. Treat yourself to a gory uncut HD treat.

Also available in a limited edition steelbook. Highly recommended.

(This Blu Ray is locked to Region B so you will need a region B or multi-region player to view this disc)

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