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The Baytown Outlaws – Blu Ray Review

baytown outlaws blu ray
baytown outlaws blu ray

The Baytown Outlaws starts like a grindhouse type movie which has Brick (Clayne Crawford), McQueen (Travis Fimmel) and Lincoln (Daniel Cudmore) who are the Oodie brothers, who start the film raiding a house and killing all the occupants only to find out it was the wrong house!

The Oodie brothers work for the local sheriff who uses them to keep his crime rate one of the lowest in Alabama. Witness to there last massacre was Celeste (Eva Longoria) who persuades them, with a $20,000 deposit,  to help her get back her step-son from notorious drug dealer scumbag ex (Billy Bob Thornton).  When they get there, things aren’t as they expect, and getting back to Celeste with the boy proves nearly impossible as a whole crew of bloodthirsty gangsters are sent by her Ex to kill them and get the boy back.

What seems to start out as another nasty violent film,  changes as you soon turn to like the brothers, their story surfaces as to why they are being used by the sheriff and the back-story unfolds. Certainly, the best thing about the film is the lead trio. Clayne Crawford, Travis Fimmel and Daniel Cudmore (playing mute man-mountain Lincoln) are pretty damn likeable,  giving a lot of heart to the story. The action is plentiful as they battle biker chicks and Native Indian gangs and it ends up an enjoyable action / black comedy. Fans of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, two of the influences stated by director Barry Battles, will have much to enjoy.

baytown outlaws cast

The Blu ray by Universal is excellent. Although the grind-house cinema may have been an influence on the story the picture quality is anything but. A glorious 1080p transfer which really brings out the colours and grime of the deep south. Audio is given a very good DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, prevalent especially in the action scenes. Extras include Making Of Featurette, Trailer and the original short trailer used to raise finance for the film (with different actors). Overall a good package and recommended.

FILM: 7.5 OUT OF 10


SOUND: 7.5 OUT OF 10


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