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Twins of Evil (1971) – Review

twins of evil blu ray review

UK company Network is continuing to release some classic Hammer horror films onto Blu ray and one of the latest releases is Twins Of Evil.

Beautiful identical orphaned twins Maria and Frieda move from Vienna to the village of Karnstein to take up a new life with their submissive aunt and grim uncle a fanatical Puritan and leader of a witch-hunting religious sect who is determined to kill his nemesis, Count Karnstein: a devil-worshipping libertine who has been turned into a vampire…

Peter Cushing is as usual excellent as the puritan uncle who will do anything to get rid of the evil from his village and that includes burning innocent women as witches. His two twin nieces are played by the lovely real twins Mary and Madeleine Collinson and they do well in the roles both displaying very different personalities which gets one of them into a lot of serious trouble.

twins-of-evil-lobby card

The set design is up to the usual Hammer high standards and the music score is served well by the Linear PCM mono soundtrack. The HD picture is very good, colours are bold and close-ups look fabulous. A decent transfer indeed for another Hammer classic that has stood the test of time well.

The extra’s are the most disappointing aspect of this release which consists of a variety of trailers, image gallery’s, a Commemorative Booklet which I have not seen and a deleted scene which is truly awful and you can see why they cut it out!

Another must for Hammer fans who will be very happy with the picture quality of this release.


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