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Tokarev – Review

Tokarev blu ray review
Tokarev blu ray review

Tokarev is another in a long line of kidnap/revenge drama’s which started with the excellent Taken. This one stars Nicholas Cage as a man with a very shady past who has gone legitimate but when his daughter is found dead with a single shot to the head from a Russian handgun (the Tokarev model); he assumes someone from his past is out for revenge for something he and his friends did decades before, so he sets out to find her killer and get justice.

The film is entertaining but totally predictable, apart from the twist ending, but by the time you get there, you don’t really care much. Cage is a solid actor but looks bored here and seems to be just going through the motions as is Danny Glover in a thankless role of a cop who is also trying to track down the killer and help the father any way he can. Its violent, noisy and moves at a fast pace but its totally forgettable as you have seen it done a dozen times before and done better.

The film was retitled Rage for the USA market and it bypassed the cinema altogether, in most major countries, which isn’t an indicator of a good film.

The Blu ray released by Anchor Bay is as you would expect from a recent movie very good quality wise. The 1080p HD picture is sharp, clean and has no problematic issues whatsoever. Audio is again excellent with a DTS HD 5.1 mix which is solid and powerful. Extras are some deleted scenes and a trailer.

For those wanting an action fix, Cage is always worth a watch, just don’t go in expecting a classic.


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