There Was a Crooked Man – Review

Norman Wisdom was always known for his wacky slapstick characters which he played very successfully in many films, but in 1960 he wanted to try something different to stretch his acting and comic talents and this was one of two features he made independently and marked a departure from his more familiar and very popular comic creation.

In There Was a Crooked Man he is playing a naïve explosives expert who finds himself involved with a criminal gang after uncovering nefarious dealings by a prominent industrialist! He is joined by some great British character actors such as Alfred Marks and Susannah York and although the film feels much more gritty than his normal movies it still has some great comic and slapstick moment to enjoy.

Fans of Norman Wisdom should seek it out as it shows what a versatile actor he could be if given the chance.

The Blu Ray features a remastered Black and White image which although faded and a bit wishy-washy in parts overall gives a good, clean and solid image. The sound is original mono which is fine and is expected from a film of this vintage.

Extras must be hard to come by for a film like this and all you get is a theatrical trailer.

A pleasant viewing experience and its great to see Network releasing more obscure British classics like this onto Blu Ray.


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