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Acts of Vengeance – Review

acts of vengeance blu ray
acts of vengeance blu ray

Antonio Banderas has always been dependable in solid action hero roles such as Desperado, Security and Expendables 3 and here carries on the tradition with the revenge drama Acts of Vengeance directed by Isaac Florentine.

Devastated by the murder of his wife and child, a formerly fast-talking lawyer takes a vow of silence and trains himself for a mission of revenge.

Yes, the plot is that simple and has been done a thousand times before but it is saved by a great performance from Banderas as a man driven by revenge but uncovering a bit more than he can cope with. The action sequences are plentiful and well crafted and shot, something director Florentine is known for, check out his films with Scott Adkins such as Ninja – Shadow of a Tear and the Undisputed series.

While the uncovering of the killer is not really a great surprise, the story moves at a very slick pace and does not outstay its welcome. Nothing groundbreaking but a great Friday night action movie.

The Blu ray released by Kaleidoscope is as expected very good, a solid 1080p HD transfer with strong colours and good depth. Audio has a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track and has some great surround activity as expected for an all-out action film. Extras are disappointing with only a trailer.

Overall an OK action thriller and will pass the time tolerably for less discriminating action fans.



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