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The Mummy (1959) – Blu Ray Review Second Sight.


Second Sight in the UK is to release the classic Hammer horror movie The Mummy on a limited edition Blu-Ray package. It comes with a rigid slipcase with new artwork by Graham Humphreys, a Soft cover book with new essays by Kat Ellinger, Lindsay Hallam and Kevin Lyons plus production stills and 4 collectors’ art cards.

In the 1890s a team of British archaeologists discover the untouched tomb of Princess Ananka but accidentally bring the mummified body of her high priest back to life. Three years later back in England a follower of the same Egyptian religion unleashes ‘The Mummy’ to exact grisly revenge on the despoilers of the sacred past.

One of Hammer’s early films of the Universal monster series The Mummy is a class act, with superb performances from Peter Cushing and especially Christopher Lee under all the mummy make-up but showing so much emotion with just his eyes, it’s a masterful performance.

The film has great production values and all the supporting cast are good, the pace is structured well and while not horrific compared to today, the menace and dread shown make up for it. Director Terence Fisher gives us a lavish and visually rich palette and has the film slowly lead up to a satisfying climax. In the extras, it is mentioned that a more graphic scene of the tongue being removed and topless women used in the procession scene were done for the overseas market, but these are yet to surface if they do still exist. 

This release gives you a choice of 2 ratios the original UK theatrical aspect ratio of 1.66:1 and the alternative full frame1.37:1. The remastered picture quality is bright, colourful and free of any damage. The audio is original mono and clear and easy to understand. Extras are as follows –

  • New audio commentary by film academic Kelly Robinson
  • Archive audio commentary by Marcus Hearn and Jonathan Rigby
  • An Appreciation of The Mummy by David Huckvale
  • The Music of The Mummy
  • Unwrapping The Mummy
  • The House of Horror: Memories of Bray
  • The Hammer Rep Company
  • Original Promo Reel
  • Stills Gallery

A Blu-ray was released in the UK by Icon a few years ago but that version is long out of print and this option is great for those that missed that release. It has been stated that Network is going to remaster all the classic Hammer catalogue but until that happens this release is definitely recommended.


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