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The Bionic Woman – The Complete Collection Blu -Ray

Fabulous Films in the UK are set to release the complete collection of The Bionic Woman onto Blu-ray with a host of extras. The huge 18-disc set will be remastered in 1080P and include every episode made.

When tennis pro Jaime Sommers (Emmy Award winner* Lindsay Wagner), is critically injured in a skydiving accident, she is “rebuilt” using the government’s top secret cybernetic replacement surgery known as “bionics”. As the world’s first bionic woman, Jaime is equipped with bionic legs capable of running over 60 miles per hour, a bionic arm that can lift an automobile, and a bionic ear that can detect the slightest of sounds. With her tennis career necessarily over, Jaime returns to her hometown of Ojai, California, to start life anew as a school teacher at a U.S. Air Force base. Between her classroom duties, Jaime moonlights as a secret agent for OSI Director Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson), taking on highly classified—and usually dangerous—missions, to satisfy a debt she feels is owed to the government for making her “whole” again. 

Extra Features:
Scattered throughout the set are all 4 Six Million Dollar Man episodes explaining the origin of The Bionic Woman
All 3 Reunion Movies
2 Six Million Dollar Man Cross-Over Episodes
Bionic Beginnings Featurette
Gag Reel
Bionic Blast Featurette
Q&A with Series Star Lindsay Wagner
All New Bionic Galleries
Audio Commentaries on 23 Episodes
Podcast on ‘Brain Wash from Bionic Fan and Collector James Sherrard(br) Bionic Woman Scripts
Bionic Woman Promos
Bionic Woman Files Declassified
Bryan Cranston Gives It to Us Straight
TV Spots
Episode Guide Booklets


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