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Soldier Blue – 4K UHD and Blu-Ray Coming Soon

STUDIOCANAL announce a brand-new restoration of the shocking and controversial SOLDIER BLUE, as part of the Cult Classics Collection.

Based on the novel by T.V. Olsen (writer of the Gregory Peck western The Stalking Moon), who used the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre as a basis for the story, SOLDIER BLUE was directed by Ralph Nelson (Oscar-nominated for Lilies of the Field). Released in 1970 with the tagline ‘The most savage film in history!’, the New York Times declared it “a staggeringly powerful magnificent film… a movie of great art and courage”.

soldier blue blu ray


A naive cavalry officer (Peter Strauss) and a resourceful young woman (Candice Bergen) survive a Native American attack and have to make their way home through the wilderness.

As they face the hardships of the journey, the couple fall in love, only to witness a horrific bloodbath as the U.S. Cavalry takes revenge upon their enemy, in a battle that became notorious for its brutality.


NEW Interview with actress Candice Bergen

●Audio commentary by film critic Steve Mitchell and Howard S. Berger

NEW Trailer and 4 Art Cards


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One comment on “Soldier Blue – 4K UHD and Blu-Ray Coming Soon

Steve Wells

I watched the German release of this a few weeks ago. It’s a slow burner, very episodic (the storyline featuring Donald Plesence is quite long, but adds very little), but the final act, even now, is pretty shocking.
The UK release will obviously cut the horse falls, but hopefully the rest will remain intact. It’s not pleasant, but it all happened and should never be whitewashed from US history.
The new extras have sold this to me. I don’t know much about history of the film, or how it was made, so the commentary track should be fascinating.


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