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In Bruges – Blu Ray Review

Director Martin Mcdonagh is now best known for his oscar-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri but this earlier and in my view superior film, is still one of my favourites and gets better with repeat viewing.

Following a job that’s gone very badly wrong, two hitmen Ray and Ken are sent to Bruges by their boss Harry and told to lie low and await instructions. Ken falls in love with the cobbled streets and canals of the picturesque city but for Ray it’s torturous boredom and he upsets both locals and tourists. When the call finally comes from Harry it may not be the ticket out he was hoping for.

The set up is simple but it’s the performances and great script that really shine. Colin Farrell as Ray gives probably his best performance so far as the twitchy nervous hitman, who never realises when he has gone too far but is frequently haunted by a recent tragic event which turns out to be the reason he was sent to Bruges in the first place. Co-Star Brendon Gleeson is also excellent as his long-suffering partner, who just wants to enjoy the city, which Ray hates, but while he is there is always on the lookout for troubles his partner will inevitably get into. Also on fine form is Ralph Fiennes as the sometimes psychotic mob boss who looks set to lose it at any minute, and has to finally go to Bruges to sort things out.

In Bruges is a funny, tragic and hugely enjoyable drama and should be seen by any fan of great cinema.

The film has been released on Blu ray before in a good transfer but this new release by Second Sight films is far superior coming from a new 4K transfer. The image is clean, solid and really makes the cinematography, especially of the city stand out.

This special limited edition set also has some great extras including –

Six Shooter: Martin McDonagh’s Oscar Winning Short Film in HD

Shoot First, Sightsee Later: A New Interview With Director of Photography Eigil Bryld

Finding the Rhythm: A New Interview With Editor Jon Gregory

Finding Bruges: A New Interview With Production Designer Michael Carlin

The Alcove Guy: A New Interview With Actor Eric Godon

When in Bruges – interviews with cast and crew and on-set footage

Strange Bruges interviews with cast and crew and on-set footage

Deleted Scenes

Boat Trip Around Bruges

Gag Reel

A great film with fantastic performances this comes totally recommended.


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