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Hammer House of Horror – Blu Ray Review

hammer house of horror blu ray review
hammer house of horror blu ray review

Hammer Films. Fans of horror cinema, especially those of a certain age remember Hammer with great affection. Seeing the latest Dracula or Mummy movie on cinema double bills or if we were too young from behind the sofa when aired on TV all those years ago.

When Hammer films started to fade in the late 70’s they turned to television and made the Hammer House of Horror series which told tales of haunted houses, demons, ghosts, and other supernatural wonders all within an hour-long format.

Many great actors appeared in episodes such as Peter Cushing, Brian Cox and Denholm Elliott and as such gave the series a good pedigree. As expected with one-off stories each episode some of them are great, some average and a few poor but overall it has, in hindsight, a high hit rate of enjoyable stories.

hammer house of horror classic

The modern-day settings do date it a bit and the gore is tame by today’s standards but that should not put you off viewing. Recommended episodes include The Silent Scream, Children of the Full Moon and Guardian of the Abyss but everyone will no doubt have there own favourites.

All thirteen episodes have been remastered in HD from the original film elements and overall look very good if a little soft in places. The 4:3 original ratio has thankfully been kept and the sound gives you the original mono or a souped up 5.1 mix which is not too badly done.

Extras consist of a widescreen version of the episode Guardian of the Abyss (i presume it was shot that way), Commercial Break Stings, Rude Awakening Opening Montage, Raw Takes and an image gallery.

Fans of the series or Hammer fans, in general, should pick this up as Network has done a great job on the remastering of this set.


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