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Eliminators (2016) – Blu Ray Review

Eliminators Blu Ray

Scott Adkins is one of those action stars that should be a lot more famous, he has made some hugely enjoyable movies including Avengement, Ninja Shadow of a Tear, Accident Man and many more.

Eliminators was made in 2016 and has Scott Adkins as a former US federal agent who lives peacefully in London with his daughter. But when his house is raided by some gangsters who have mistaken his address for a similar one, he has to kill all 3 intruders in self-defence to save both his and his daughter’s life. But this and the following media exposure makes him vulnerable and various assassins are sent to eliminate him and it then becomes very personal.

Scott Adkins in Eliminators

The script, although predictable moves at a cracking pace and the chase and action sequences are superbly done. The main villain is very menacing and well played by ex WWE wrestler Stu Bennett and the various fight scenes between them are brutal and very MMA influenced. The co-stars are all good and effective and for a DTV (Direct to Video) release, it has a nice look to it and the production values are generally excellent with some good London location work.

Don’t be put off by thinking this is the same as the seemingly tireless action films that have swamped the DVD and Blu ray market over the years, this one is definitely way above most of them and action fans are well served with a decent streamlined story to help sympathise with the characters.

Sadly, as is frequent these days in the UK, it got a DVD only release but thankfully it has had an English friendly Blu ray release in Germany and its a good disc. The picture has a sharp and solid 1080p transfer and the 5.1 surround mix works very well. Although the menu is in German it is easy to select the English language audio as opposed to the German dub.

Overall a great release and is available in the UK from Amazon and the other outlets online.


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