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Twins – Blu Ray Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito teamed up in movies a couple of times and the first is the best. Made in 1988, Twins concerns Arnold finding out he has a twin brother and after being raised on a remote island he goes to the big city to find his sibling and encounters many problems as he tries to get familiar with a city way of life.

Both brothers are totally different in many ways not just physically, but they eventually bond and team together to find there mother, who they thought died when giving birth. But the investigation leads to trouble and they also have a hitman after them.

Arnold shows a lot of charm in his portrayal of an innocent and naive out of towner and DeVito plays his sleazy role very well, most of the comedy works and its a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes, even if it has a somewhat dated feel.

The Blu ray has been released in Europe and this seems to be the same dated transfer. Soft in places and a bit washed out it is an improvement on the DVD but not by much. Audio is fine with a DTS Master 5.1 mix.

Extras are zero. Nothing at all, not even a trailer which is very disappointing. A good fun film that deserves a better HD release.


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