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Trespass – Walter Hill. Coming Soon from 101 Films

trespass blu ray

101 Films in the UK are to release the Walter Hill directed Trespass starring Bill Paxton (Aliens), William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption), Ice-T (New Jack City), Ice Cube (Boyz n the Hood).

Trespass is a pulsating neo-noir thriller, written by Back to the Future writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

While attending a blaze, two Arkansas firefighters, Don (Sadler) and Vince (Paxton), acquire a map identifying the whereabouts of a hoard of stolen gold hidden years earlier in an abandoned East St. Louis building. Unbeknown to the treasure hunters, the location lies within the territory of a ruthless gang, led by the notorious King James (Ice-T) and his lieutenant Savon (Ice Cube).

While searching for the treasure, Vince witnesses the gang murder an enemy and inadvertently alerts the gangsters to his presence, leading to a tense standoff. As the gang call in reinforcements, the trespassers must use every means at their disposal if they’re to escape with the treasure, and their lives.

Limited Edition version comes with booklet and slipcase, limited to 3000 copies.
Brand New Extras
• Commentary with Joel McIver and Angus Batey
• Commentary with Nathaniel Thompson and Howard S. Berger
• Limited edition booklet: includes ‘Urban Western: Trespass and Walter Hill’s Wild West’ by Phillip Escott & ‘From Harlem to Hollywood: How Rap Stars Conquered the Big Screen’ by Tim Scaping
Additional Extras
• Wrongful Entry (interview with producer Neil Canton)
• Fool’s Gold (interview with actor William Sadler)
• Born Losers (interview with co-writer Bob Gale)

Release Date 1st of October

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