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Train To Busan – Review

Train To Busan blu ray review

The Zombie film genre has really peaked the last few years with films like World War Z and the highly rated TV series The Walking Dead but its great to see this Korean take on the living dead, Train To Busan.

As an unidentified virus sweeps the country, the Korean government declares martial law. As the country descends into chaos, one city, Busan, is rumoured to have successfully fended off the virus outbreak and remains the only beacon of hope for those not yet infected. But when the virus breaks out on an express train to Busan, passengers on board must fight for their own survival. 453 km from Seoul to Busan.

The great thing about the film is that it focuses also on the relationships, especially Father and Daughter who are aboard the train to go and see the daughters mother who has separated from her husband. This makes it all the more engaging because you care about what might happen to them, especially as the Zombies close in and it seems there is nowhere to run.

Train To Busan cast

The Zombies are the fast-moving kind, not the slow shuffling undead of the Romero era which makes the threat even more terrifying. The setting of the film mostly on a train also gives it a very claustrophobic vibe.  All the cast are terrific, especially the young girl played by Soo an Kim and this not being Hollywood a happy ending is not always guaranteed.

The film has been a cult hit worldwide and the new UK Blu ray from Studiocanal is a winner. The 1080p HD picture is crystal clear, the film was shot digitally on Arri Alexa XT cameras and it is as good as you would expect, vivid colours and solid blacks. Audio is Korean language DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Linear PCM 2.0 stereo. surprisingly the disc defaults to the stereo track when you push play but we advise you listen to the DTS track if you have the right equipment to do so as its excellent, with a full-on immersive soundtrack.

The English subtitles are clear and easy to understand. Extras are a little light. You get a 17-minute making of, which shows a bit of the process and a promo and trailer for the animated Zombie film Seoul Station made by the same director.

Overall an excellent Zombie film, totally recommended.


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