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Thunderbolt And Lightfoot – Review

Thunderbolt And Lightfoot blu ray review
Thunderbolt And Lightfoot blu ray review

Thunderbolt And Lightfoot directed by Michael Cimino gets a Blu Ray release in the UK from Second Sight and is a welcome HD version of this Clint Eastwood classic.

Thunderbolt and his old gang had the perfect plan. Steal the money, hide it in an old schoolhouse, lay low and collect when the heat was off. What they didn’t figure on was a new building going up in its place. And now Thunderbolt’s got himself a new partner, Lightfoot, and the chase for the loot is on.

This was the directorial debut for Cimino and he crafted a fun, slick and fast moving road/heist movies which is one of Clint Eastwood best non-western movies. Performances are excellent from all the cast, Jeff Bridges steals the show as the cocky Lightfoot and he fully deserved the Oscar nomination he got.

George Kennedy is great as the sweaty and bad-tempered old associate of Thunderbolt and look out for a young Gary Busey in a small role. The relationship between the two leads is beautifully handled and this is certainly one of the best buddy/road films to come out of the 1970’s.

Thunderbolt And Lightfoot blu ray clint eastwood

Second Sight release the Blu Ray with a very nice 1080p transfer. Colours are solid, grain is on show but in a good way and the sweeping panoramic shots are excellently served in this presentation. No print damaged was noticed so the remastering was done at a good level.

Audio is the correct LPCM mono, solid clear, it hasn’t got much of a dynamic range but it is typical of films of this period. Sadly there are no extras on this Blu Ray release at all, not even a theatrical trailer which is disappointing. The film has been released in the USA by Twilight Time but was a limited pressing and is now out of print and expensive. This seems to have a very similar transfer so fans of the film would be very happy with this great if spartan region B release.


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