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They Live – New 4K Remaster Review

they live blu ray 4k

They Live is one of director John Carpenter’s best-loved movies, and probably his last great feature film up until now.  It has a fantastic premise of Aliens taking over our planet by using subliminal images to make humans do what they want them to do and keep them in place. It’s a great roller coaster ride with perhaps the only downside being the ending, which seemed rushed and unsure of where to take the story.

For a review of the film and the previous USA / UK Blu Ray release please click here.….

they live blu ray review

But here is a review of the new 4K remastered Blu ray released in a 2 disc set from Studio Canal.

While the 2012 release from Shout Factory in the USA had a good transfer, this new 4K restoration is far more appealing. Colours are bolder, blacks stronger and the texture really brings the new transfer to life. A very clean image and I did not notice any compression issues or artefacts.

Audio has 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio and sounds superb with great use of the surround track as well as clear dialogue and music.

Extras are plentiful on the 2nd Blu Ray disc –

Subversion: Exposing John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE – A brand new retrospective documentary produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and featuring interviews with Associate producer Sandy King, cinematographer Gary Kibbe, actor Peter Jason, actor Robert Grasmere, composer Alan Howarth, stunt coordinator/Ghoul Jeff Imada, author Jonathan Letham, music historian Daniel Schweiger, Blumhouse editor Rebekah McKendry, and visual effects historian Justin Humphreys.
Original EPK: The Making of They Live (1988)
John Carpenter profile
– vintage profile of the director
Meg Foster profile – vintage profile of the actress
Roddy Piper profile – vintage profile of the actor
Audio Commentary with John Carpenter & Roddy Piper
Independent Thoughts with John Carpenter
– a 2012 interview with director John Carpenter
Woman of Mystery: Interview with Meg Foster – a 2012 interview with actress Meg Foster
Man vs Aliens: Interview with Keith David – a 2012 interview with actor Keith David
Fake commercials in the film 2.34 mins TV spots Photo gallery

A fantastic new release and a definite upgrade from the previous Blu ray. The film is also available in a 4K UHD  limited edition package.


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