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They Came From Beyond Space – Blu Ray Review

Studio Canal in the UK have released a new restored version of the sci-fi horror movie They Came From Beyond Space on Blu-ray from the Amicus Studio and legendary director Freddie Francis.

A mysterious meteor shower occurs above a field in Cornwall, and a team of scientists led by Dr. Curtis Temple (Robert Hutton) is sent in to investigate. The scientists and local bystanders soon find themselves possessed by an alien force which wants to enslave them. No one is immune from the invasion except for Dr. Temple, who is shielded from the meteor’s influence by a metal plate that was inserted to protect his skull after a recent accident. He discovers that an alien race on the moon seeks to use the manipulated scientists for secret purposes.

Adapted from the book The Gods Hate Kansas by Joseph Millard this is a rather campy telling of the story with an obviously B movie budget and British locations. Shot in 1967, two years before man stepped on the moon the film is hilariously funny in certain scenes and the dialogue is hokey when you consider what we now know. The direction is good and all the actors play it straight but the sets and costumes look like an extended episode of 1960s Dr Who. Michael Gough is billed as ” Master of the Moon” and it all builds to a very anti-climatic end.

Taken in the right frame of mind this is an enjoyable romp and will hold your interest for its short running time. Finally, goodness knows what the designers of the film poster (and cover of this Blu-ray) were thinking, but the great artwork has no resemblance to the film at all!

The remastered picture quality is good, it was never going to leap out at you with the low budget but the colours are strong and the print in great shape. Audio is clear original mono and fine. Extras are an entertaining audio commentary from Film Historian David Del Valle and Filmmaker David Decoteau and the theatrical trailer.


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