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The Transporter (Uncut) – Review

the transporter blu ray review uncut
the transporter blu ray review uncut

The Transporter was one of Jason Statham’s first starring roles in an all-out action film and his career has got bigger and stronger, building on these type of roles in films such as Crank and The Expendables.

Ex-soldier Frank Martin (Statham) now makes a living on the French Riviera as an underworld courier who has strict rules of operation: never change the deal, never use real names, never look inside the package. But when he breaks his own code, he quickly becomes the target of a vicious human smuggling ring.

The films starts out with a fabulous car chase and never lets up on the action with director Corey Yuen giving Statham plenty of opportunities to show off his fighting skills and impressive torso! The co-stars add well to the mix especially female lead Shi Qi feisty and beautiful as the package that gets him into so much trouble. The plot is silly but great fun and its the sort of action film to sit back and enjoy with a few beers on a Friday night.

The film has been released onto Blu ray almost everywhere but what is not well known is that the film was cut in order to get the PG13 certificate the distributors wanted in America. That version was seen everywhere else on Blu ray apart from France and Japan and it is the French version we are reviewing here.

The picture quality is superb with the HD image shining and showing off the French Riviera to great effect. The sound is again very good, the DTS HD 5.1 track is bold and loud with the surrounds put to great use especially in the action scenes. Extras are average, with a making-of documentary in French with no subs as well as trailers.

But is the uncut status which will make it a must buy for fans of the film, the main cut sequence is the fight on the bus with the knife and a villain falling under the wheels of a lorry.

Overall a great disc with superb picture and sound and you can get it for a good price at the moment.

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