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The Terminator (Remastered) – Review

terminator remastered blu ray

James Cameron seems to be obsessed with filming both sequels to Avatar at the moment so we take a look back at the film which shot him and Arnold Schwarzenegger to the big time, The Terminator.

An indestructible cyborg is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor the woman whose unborn child will become humanity’s only hope in a future war against machines. We all know the story and some will remember the buzz this film created when first released. Superbly directed and with a non-stop roller coaster ride of a story, The Terminator has now become known rightly as a Sci-Fi/action classic.

terminator poster

This new release has been remastered and the clarity is stunning. Dirt and debris are no-where to be seen and it is far superior to any other release. Black levels are solid and the detail is excellent. This Blu Ray is what most remastered films should look like. Audio is good and bad. Good in that the English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 is fabulous, using all of the speakers to good effect. The downside is that I found the dialogue to be a little quiet in places so that when the action started I had to turn the volume down, not a big problem but annoying.

Also, this release has no original mono mix, which the film had on its original cinema and DVD run. Some have complained that the mix is different, I could not tell if things have been changed and I am familiar with the film but the omission of the original mono, especially on a Blu ray is a mistake.

Extra’s are OK and consist of Creating The Terminator: Visual Effects & Music, Terminator: A Retrospective and a gallery of deleted scenes. Overall a great release and certainly the best this film has ever looked. Recommended. REGION FREE.


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