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The Persuaders! – Take 50. Blu Ray Review

The Persuaders is a TV show from the early 1970s that brings back a lot of good memories for people growing up in the UK at that time. The detective show which starred Roger Moore and Tony Curtis was a big thing at the time and ITC who produced it spent a huge amount on the production of the series.

It was filmed in many lavish locations around the world such as the South of France, Sweden, Spain as well as the UK. The series proved to be a big hit in the UK and Europe but failed in the all-important American market and so a 2nd series which was to go into production was halted. Roger Moore was then about to be offered the role of James Bond and as they say, the rest is history.

Network released the series on Blu ray a few years ago and for this release to celebrate the 50th anniversary did things a bit differently. What we have here is some previously unreleased material, plus the movie-length compilations of episodes which were released theatrically and on video around the world. The first disc in this set has two remastered episodes – ‘Overture’ and ‘Greensleeves’ which are presented with ad bumpers and breaks full of genuine archive TV commercials of the era and is a really nice touch.

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We also get a Q&A from the show’s 40th-anniversary event, hosted by Barry Norman, interviewing Roger Moore who is as charming and quick witted as ever, giving some great stories on the making of the series. Another archive interview comes from 2006, with Tony Curtis who again speaks very candidly about the series the good and the bad with some great stories, especially the one concerning Joan Collins!

The other Blu-rays in the set Featuring The Persuaders! – has eight feature-length editions, splicing together sixteen episodes to make movie versions which were shown in cinemas across Europe. These are remastered in widescreen and look tremendous. Also with the special edition set you get Jaz Wiseman who opens his archive and explores the enduring popularity of Curtis + Moore and the global success of The Persuaders! in A brand-new 140-page book that’s full to bursting with merchandise and memorabilia.

This is a great set and even if you have the original release this is a must have for fans of the show with a package lovingly put together by Network.



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