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The Man With X-Ray Eyes – Blu Ray Review

Made in 1963 The Man With X-Ray Eyes (onscreen title “X”) stars Ray Milland as Dr James Xavier who has produced a formula which will allow him to see beyond the normal visual spectrum. After warnings from his colleagues about the dangers involved he decides to continue and starts to see through various objects. But things get out of hand with his obsession and after the accidental murder of another doctor he goes on the run, determined to use his new power at first to make money, but things get steadily worse and he starts to see more than he can bear.

Ray Milland

Certainly, a film of its time, it has the usual gimmicky ideas such as seeing women naked (the dancing scene at a party is hilarious) and cheating at cards in Vegas but also intelligently explores man’s desire to mess with nature and the inevitable disastrous results.

While the budget is obviously low, the film is enhanced by a very good performance by Ray Milland and OK if now hokey special effects. It is one of those films that makes you wonder why it has not been remade, especially with the technology that is available today.

The new Blu Ray released by Second Sight is from a newly restored transfer with very good definition and has a wonderful 60’s colour palette. Audio has a clear DTS 2.0 mono track and is excellent. Lots of great extras in this release which includes two audio commentaries by Director Roger Corman and Tim Lucas, an Interview with Corman as well as a short chat with Joe Dante. We also have an interview with author Kat Ellinger and a Trailers From Hell segment with Mick Garris. Finally, the original prologue which goes into detail about mans five senses.

Also, the limited edition release has a new slipcase, reversible poster with new and original artwork as well as a softcover book by Jon Towison and Allan Bryce.

Another great release from Second Sight and one of the better Roger Corman Horror / Sci-Fi films of that era.

FILM – 6.5 PICTURE – 8.5 AUDIO – 8 EXTRAS – 9

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