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The Borderlands – Limited Edition and Standard Blu-ray Release From Second Sight


Second Sight in the UK has announced the release of The Borderlands on a limited edition and standard Blu-ray.

 This acclaimed British horror classic comes in Limited Edition and standard Blu-ray from Second Sight Films and is complete with a host of fascinating special features.

When frequent strange happenings are reported at a thirteenth-century church in rural Devon, a small team of Vatican investigators are sent in to try and demystify the unusual goings-on… But what they discover is more disturbing than they could ever imagine.

Lauded for its humour and creepy location by many, with Evening Standard noting ‘The banter between Robin Hill and Gordon Kennedys cynical Scot is funny and unsettling. And the stark church is a winner’, the film makes for a unique and terrifying watch.

Special Features:

  • New audio commentary by Actors Robin Hill and Gordon Kennedy, Producer Jennifer Handorf, and Special Effects Designer Dan Martin
  • Dressed the Part: a new interview with Robin Hill and Gordon Kennedy
  • Losing Faith: A New Interview with Jennifer Handorf
  • Monster Goo: A new interview with Dan Martin
  • Archive featurette: Behind the Scenes


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