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The Abyss – 4K Remastered UHD and Blu-Ray Coming in 2024

the abyss special edition

After a long wait by fans, an official announcement has been made by 20th Century Studio that James Cameron’s The Abyss is to get a remastered UHD and Blu-ray release in 2024. The discs will include the director’s cut and the theatrical versions.

Description: In this underwater sci-fi adventure written and directed by James Cameron, a nuclear sub mysteriously sinks and a private oil rig crew, led by foreman Bud Brigman (Ed Harris), is recruited to join a team of Navy SEALs on a search and rescue effort. The group soon finds themselves on a spectacular life-and-death odyssey 25,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, where they find a mysterious force that could either change the world—or destroy it. The Abyss also stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn

the abyss uhs and blu ray


  • Deep Dive: A Conversation with James Cameron – An exclusive new sit-down with James Cameron as he revisits the origin of the project and addresses some of the myths behind the production.
  • The Legacy of The Abyss – Discover the lasting legacy of The Abyss with stories from James Cameron and the crew about how and why the film continues to have an impact on filmmaking today.


  • Under Pressure: Making The Abyss – The original documentary about the infamous production of The Abyss, with candid commentary by the actors and crew.
  • Archives
    • Deepcore Timelapse – Watch this production timelapse of the Deepcore set being created.
    • Videomatics Montage – Watch a montage of behind-the-scenes production videomatics.
    • Montana Bridge Flooding – See behind-the-scenes footage of the Montana bridge flooding.
    • Engine Room Flooding – See behind-the-scenes footage of the engine room flooding.
    • Surface Shoot Montage – Watch a behind-the-scenes montage of the surface shoot.
    • Crane Crash Shoot – Check out behind-the-scenes footage of the crane crashing sequence.
    • Visual Effects Reel – Watch a reel of visual effects progressions to see how they were developed for the film.
    • Miniature Rear-Projection – Watch behind-the-scenes footage of how production used rear-projection techniques on miniatures.
    • Motion Control Timelapse – Watch this production timelapse of the motion control technology being used.
    • Teaser Trailer
    • Main Trailer
    • Reviews Trailer
    • Still Gallery – Presented here are extras as they appeared in the “Imaging Station” on the Special Edition DVD release of The Abyss, along with the trailers. Since their original presentation has been preserved, resolution and clarity will vary from element to element.

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