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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre BLU RAY REVIEW
Texas Chainsaw Massacre BLU RAY REVIEW

Few films have changed the face of horror movies but you can say with some authority that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is certainly one of them. Made in 16mm in 1974 in torrid conditions the film still has the power to shock after all these years. It’s not the gore on show, there is very little, but the intense atmosphere created with the sound especially giving a high chill factor.

Gunnar Hansen’s portrayal of Leatherface is actually quite brilliant. unable to use his real face for expression he uses strange mannerisms and sounds giving an almost alien performance. The violence portrayed is very realistic and all the more disturbing as its filmed in an almost documentary way. While I am personally not a great fan of the film you cannot deny the impact it had, and still has on the horror genre as a whole, it’s a shame that director Tobe Hooper never went on the super director status as his fellow colleagues George Lucas and Steven Spielberg did.

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The Blu ray released by Second Sight is struck from the fabulous 4K restoration and although taken from 16mm still looks the best it ever has or probably ever will. Thankfully the grain structure has been left intact and the black levels are very strong. The sound has been given a 7.1 remix it sounds clean and adds to the atmosphere and thankfully the original lossless mono is included too.

There is a host of extras in this Blu Ray set which includes:

– New audio commentary with Director Tobe Hooper

– New audio commentary with Cinematographer Daniel Pearl, Sound Recordist Ted Nicolaou and Editor J. Larry Carroll

– Cutting Chain Saw with Editor J. Larry Carroll

– Grandpa s Tales with actor John Dugan

– Horror s Hallowed Grounds

– New deleted scenes/outtakes
Additional bonus features:

– Audio commentary with Tobe Hooper, Actor Gunnar Hansen, Cinematographer Daniel Pearl

– Audio commentary with Actors Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, and Paul A. Partain and Production Designer Robert Burns

– The Shocking Truth documentary plus outtakes

– Flesh Wounds – Seven Stories of The Saw

– Off The Hook with Teri McMinn

– The Business of Chain Saw with Production Manager Ron Bozman

– A Tour of The TCSM House with Gunnar Hansen

– Tobe Hooper interview

– Kim Henkel interview

– Deleted scenes and outtakes, trailers, TV and Radio spots.

Really this is the ultimate edition of the film and with the steelbook packaging is a must buy for any fan.


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