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Starship Troopers – Review

starship troopers blu ray

Starship Troopers is director Paul Verhoeven’s  violent space epic where in the future the right to vote is granted only to those who serve in the armed forces, because soldiers are needed to fight “the bugs” and many of these young recruits are sent to the aliens planet to wipe them out once and for all and save humanity. But when they get there these bugs are a lot more than the soldiers bargained for.

Two of Verhoven’s trademarks are in full view in this movie, social commentary and extreme violence. The glossy ads that are shown to entice the young to join the army and save earth are counterpointed by the huge bugs that are seen to rip people apart literally before your eyes. The cast is good in the roles, Casper Van Dien as Johnny Rico who joins mainly to be with his girlfriend and Michael Ironside as a drill instructor who has seen it all. Be warned the violence is extreme and very gory and hammers home the futility of war.

starship troopers blu ray review

The Blu ray released by Buena Vista Home Entertainment has a 5-star picture and sound rating. The picture quality of this Blu Ray is outstanding. Everything from close-ups to panoramic shots are exceptional. Blacks are deep, colours bold,  its everything you expect from a Blu Ray release. Audio is served by a thumping LPCM 5.1 soundtrack with a huge range, very loud but crystal clear. You also have a choice of  Dolby Digital 5.1 or French and Spanish dubbed options. Extras are not bad and include:

“The Making Of Starship Troopers” -featurette (7:58 min)
“Scene De-Constructions” (*with audio commentary by director Paul Verhoeven)
Deleted Scenes
Screen Tests
Bug Test Film
Teaser trailer.

Overall a great release with superb picture and audio. 

The Blu Ray is All-Region.


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