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Seized – Blu Ray Review

Scott Adkins is one of the busiest action actors around today and has made some great films which should be seen such as Avengement and Accident Man and is seen here in the thriller Seized opposite Mario Van Peebles.

Nero (Scott Adkins) is a former special forces agent who has moved to a quiet beach town to raise his son but gets rudely awakened by a phone call and message from an unknown voice telling him that his son has been kidnapped. If he wants to see his son alive again, Nero must wipe out three dangerous crime syndicates of highly-skilled criminals and kill each one of them. But he has to work alone and faces increasing obstacles and levels of weaponry to try and uncover the identity of the man behind the kidnap plot.

While the story has been done many times, Taken is the most obvious example this story wastes no time in getting to the action and the tension is held up well until the final confrontation which even has a slight twist in what you might expect. Co-star Mario Van Peebles steals the show as the cool but ruthless Mexican cartel leader who it seems will stop at nothing to become the no 1 in the business.

The action is well shot and choreographed as expected from Adkins with gun fights and empty hand brawls, the highlight being him taking on a bunch of thugs with his hands tied. A good, short sweet action film that does nothing new but is very entertaining all the same.

Yet again the UK is screwed when it comes to Blu-ray releases of these low budget action films as it was released on DVD only here. But thankfully Germany seems to be ahead of the game again, and you can purchase the German release which is the same region at a reasonable price. While the cover and description are in German language you have a choice of original English language audio with a great DTS 5.1 mix. No English subtitles are included but there is only one scene of Spanish dialogue so does not spoil the viewing. Picture quality is good for this type of movie, solid HD transfer. No extras apart from a trailer but for action fans this is worth picking up.



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