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Return of the Living Dead – Review

return of the living dead blu ray

On his first day on the job at an army surplus store, poor Freddy unwittingly releases nerve gas from a secret U.S. military canister, unleashing an unbelievable terror. The gas re-animates a corps of corpses, who arise from their graves with a ravenous hunger for human brains!

Zombie movies are now all the rage but it has always been very difficult getting the balance right between horror and comedy, but Return Of The Living Dead manages it almost perfectly. This release by Second Sight is a special steelbook release and is probably the ultimate version of this title.

return of the living dead cast

The re-mastered picture is soft but solid, grain is intrusive at times but its certainly a lot better than any other home video release. Audio is where fans will rejoice because the soundtrack to this film has caused many problems over the years. Songs were replaced and sound effects altered on most home versions but this gives you the opportunity to hear it the way it was originally released in PCM 2.0. You also have a choice of the remixed soundtrack in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround.

Extra’s are superlative on this special edition with a definitive 2 hour documentary on the making of the film with interviews and behind the scenes footage. Other special features include a conversation with Dan O’bannon,  a look at Return of the Living Dead Parts 2 and 3, filming location as well as other interviews with John A Russo and Steve Pross. Altogether a fab package.


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