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One Cut of the Dead – Blu Ray From Third Window Films

one cut of the dead blu ray

The Brilliant horror / comedy One Cut of the Dead is getting a special edition Blu ray release in the UK by Third Window Films on January 28th.

A cast of relative unknowns, a brilliantly disguised low budget and an epic, 37-minute opening single take makes Shinichiro Ueda’s feature debut a bright, breezy and laugh-out-loud hilarious zombie comedy. A film crew is shooting a zombie horror flick in an abandoned water filtration plant, allegedly used for human experiments by the military. Just as the director browbeats his actors and demands more special effects blood, a real zombie apocalypse erupts, much to his auteur delight.

The film was a box office smash in Japan and became The most successful independent film in Japanese cinema history!

The Blu ray will also feature the following extras –

Interview with director Shinichiro Ueda (17min)

Making Of (45min) Take 8 short film (20min)

Outtakes (5min)

Go-Pro version of one-cut (38min)

POM TV Instruction Video (1 min)

Trailer (1 min)

Definately one of the most original and hilarious films about making a film and without a doubt it will become a cult classic.

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