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Nightshooters – Review

This low Budget British gangster / action film has been receiving some good feedback recently and now finally Nightshooters is getting a general Blu Ray release in the UK from Ascendant Releasing.

A group of filmmakers are using an abandoned warehouse building to finish off a low budget zombie movie when they unwillingly witness a gangland slaying in the building opposite. unable to escape the crew need to use all there skills to survive as the gangsters move in to kill off any witnesses.

All shot in one location the film has elements of The Raid, Attack the Block and the Netflix movie Jailbreak but brings its own style to the proceedings with some great action and a wicked but dark sense of humour. The cast all great, Jean-Paul Ly, fresh from Jailbreak plays the strong silent type who certainly delivers in the action department with a number of bone breaking fight scenes and a standout one on one knife fight.

The head villain Tarker played by Richard Sandling is the one cast member who is slightly over the top, its an ok performance but he comes across as a big nasty comic book villain which does not quite gel with the rest of the film.

The sometime brutal violence is tempered with some great laugh out load dialogue, those who are offended by bad language keep clear, but for all others it is a fast paced and very enjoyable movie with references and little tributes to other movies such as Scott Adkins getting a mention ,whom Ly worked with on Doctor Strange.

If you like your films with hardcore action, Guy Richie inspired dialogue and a smattering of over the top gore then Nightshooters gets a solid recommendation and i look forward to writer /director Marc Price and star Jean-Paul Ly’s future projects with great anticipation.

The Blu ray released has a solid 1080p image, shot on a low budget the cinematography and editing are excellent, blacks are solid and this is a top-notch presentation. Audio is fantastic especially during the many action scenes and will give your surround system a good workout. The only downside is no extras at all, which is a shame as i would have loved to have seen some making-of footage and feedback from the cast and crew. Do yourself a favour and seek this film out now, you won’t be disappointed! (Check out the trailer below – WARNING – BAD LANGUAGE)


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