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Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Series 1 Blu Ray Review

monty pythons flying circus seson 1 blu ray review

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is now a renowned and popular comedy classic series but at the time it was thought so outrageous and weird that the BBC put it in different time slots not knowing what to really do with it, especially the first season.

Since then, of course, the Python team had much success with feature films and its now time to look back at the original series now remastered and uncut on Blu ray for the first time.

The 2 disc set of series one contains 13 episodes all uncut which includes many classic sketches such as nudge -nudge, self-defence against fresh fruit, crunchy frog and many many more and lets not forget Terry Gilliams fabulous animated sequences.

Fans will want to know what this restoration looks like as a lot of it was shot on tape with outdoor scenes in 16mm. Well all I can say is they have done a fantastic restoration job, previously edited sketches have been returned to their original length and even though the series is now 50 years old it looks better now than it ever did on broadcast. The picture is, of course, soft in places, to be expected from videotape masters but colours are bold and vibrant especially the 16mm film segments.

Audio has a lossless Linear PCM 2.0 mono track and is also excellent, limited obviously but with everything clear and crackle free.

Extras give you :

A book by Andrew Pixley featuring an exhaustive episode-by-episode production history of series one.
Sex and Violence: Reinstated content, studio outtakes
Full Frontal Nudity: Studio outtakes
The Ant, an Introduction: Studio outtakes
Untitled: Extended Ron Obvious filmed material and clean end titles footage

For fans that want to splash out, there is also a limited edition box set with all 4 seasons and books to go with them in a presentation box. (The other 3 seasons will be released separately also)

Overall an excellent release and far better quality-wise than any fan could expect. Kudo’s to the restoration team for this splendid effort.


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