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Memoirs of An Invisible Man – Review

memoirs of an invisible man review

Chevy Chase plays a businessman who always tries to find a way out of doing any hard work and would rather party and have a good time. But when a government experiment in a research establishment goes horribly wrong in a building he is visiting, it turns him invisible and then he finds that government agents want to capture and use him as a military spy. He goes to his love interest for help and tries to find a way to stop the FBI agents on his tail and get back to being seen again.

John Carpenter was well known for his supernatural and science fiction movies and this gave him a chance to work with a major studio and a bigger budget but sadly it all turned out rather flat.

Chevy Chase is fine as the title character, his comedy persona is kept in check and the humour when it does appear is done very well. Sam Neil is the main villain and chews the scenery and Darryl Hannah as his new love interest is suitably gorgeous but in the end, it’s just a bland retelling of an old classic that is fine for a Sunday afternoon movie but is quickly forgotten. Very few of the John Carpenter trademarks are noticeable and to be honest, it looks like anybody could have directed it if you didn’t see his name up on screen.

chevy chase daryl hannah

The special effects for the time were groundbreaking and very well done. There’s precious little chemistry between Chase and Hannah, and overall this is a great premise that sadly misfires on many levels.

The Blu ray released by Fabulous films has an ok 1080P HD transfer a bit hazy at times, probably due to the effects process used at the time but it should please most viewers. Audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo and serves the film fine, the dialogue is clear and audible and the music score comes across very well.

Extras are a disappointing trailer and some uninteresting deleted scenes. A fun film and worth a watch just don’t go in expecting classic John Carpenter.


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