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Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice Volume 3 – Coming From Warner Archive Collection


Following on from Volumes 1 & 2 comes the third volume in the classic Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice series.

All the cartoons have been remastered in 2K and will be uncut.


1. A Feud There Was (1938) Elmer Fudd/Egghead-Directed by Tex Avery

2. A Hop, Skip and a Chump (1942)-Directed by Friz Freleng

3. China Jones(1959) Daffy Duck & Porky Pig-Directed by Chuck Jones

4. Cinderella Meets Fella (1938) Egghead-Directed by Tex Avery

5. Dumb Patrol (1964) Bugs Bunny-Directed by Gerry Chiniquy

6. Egghead Rides Again (1937) Egghead-Directed by Tex Avery

7. Elmer’s Pet Rabbit (1941)Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd-Directed by Chuck Jones

8. Hobo Bobo (1947) Bobo the Elephant-Directed by Robert McKimson

9. Honeymoon Hotel (1934)-Directed by Earl Duvall

10.I Only Have Eyes For You (1937)-Directed by Tex Avery

11. Mexican Joyride (1947) Daffy Directed by Arthur Davis

12. Mr.and Mrs. Is The Name (1935) Directed by Friz Freleng

13. Of Rice and Hen (1953) Foghorn Leghorn-Directed by Robert McKimson

14. Pre-Hysterical Hare (1958) Bugs Bunny-Directed by Robert McKimson

15. Punch Trunk (1953)-Directed by Chuck Jones

16. Quentin Quail (1946) Quentin Quail-Directed by Chuck Jones

17. Riff Raffy Daffy (1948) Daffy Duck & Porky Directed by Arthur Davis

18. Saddle Silly (1941)-Directed by Chuck Jones

19. Sheep Ahoy (1954) Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog-Directed by Chuck Jones

20. The Mouse on 57th Street, The (1961)-Directed by Chuck Jones

21. The Sheepish Wolf (1942)-Directed by Friz Freleng

22. There Auto Be a Law (1953)-Directed by Robert McKimson

23. Tugboat Granny (1956) Tweety & Sylvester-Directed by Friz Freleng

24. War And Pieces (1964) Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner-Directed by Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble

25. Wet Hare (1962) Bugs Bunny-Directed by Robert McKimson

As with all Warner Archives releases these are region free.


Volumes 1 & 2 are also still available CLICK HERE….

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