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Lock Up – Review

Studio Canal in the UK have released the action cult classic Lock Up starring Sylvester Stallone and Donald Sutherland. Taken from a new 4K remaster and now uncut.

Whilst Frank Leone (Sylvester Stallone) is serving time for beating up some thugs, the prison’s governor Drumgoole (Donald Sutherland) puts him through a hellish regime. Leone manages to escape and goes to the media to tell his tale of injustice and abuse. He is rewarded by being sent to an ‘open’ prison to finish his sentence but, six months before his release, he is grabbed in the night, taken to a maximum security prison and reunited with his old enemy…

Stallone is his usual underdog taking all kinds of punishment from prison governor Drumgoole, played by Donald Sutherland in real pantomime villain mode. Every prison cliche in the book is seen in this film and a lot of what happens is predictable long before, but it is a fun enjoyable 80’s actioneer and the filming in a real prison adds to the atmosphere.

A good supporting cast helps, including a young Tom Sizemore and bad guy Sonny Landham.

The Blu ray is a vast improvement over previous releases with the new remaster, grain is present giving it a very cinematic image. Audio has a new 5.1 mix which adds to the atmosphere and the extras are short but ok including a making of, behind the scenes and interviews with most of the cast.

An enjoyable if very dated action film which Stallone fans will no doubt enjoy. For those capable it is also available in a 4K UHD release including Dolby Vision HDR.


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