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La Bamba – Review

la bamba blu ray

Ritchie Valens is a name a lot of younger music fans may not have heard of, but like Buddy Holly, his time and talent were cut short by tragic circumstances. Lou Diamond Phillips gives a career-best performance as Valens, who has to contend with racial prejudice, a jealous brother (a superb Esai Morales) and an overbearing mother, before his unique style of Latino-influenced rock & roll rockets him to fame, but sets him on the path for an unavoidable date with destiny.

La Bamba sets out to tell the story of how he struggled with poverty but never losing his love for music and his determination to rise above his problems and become a star known for his music and reaching that goal at the age of just 17. Made in 1987 the movie stands up very well and the tragic ending still makes you realise what could have been.

Released by Eureka in the UK the disc has a great looking transfer, strong and solid it is definitely worth the upgrade from DVD.

Audio has a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix and really gives the music a new life, clear and bold. Extras are a vintage making-of feature as well as a Los Lobos music video.


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