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Horror Hospital – Review

horror hospital blu ray review

This camp British horror film has for some reason become a cult favourite over the years and now it has a new HD Blu ray release courtesy of Odeon Entertainment.

In Horror Hospital Michael Gough stars as Dr Storm a man who runs a strange heath resort out in the English countryside, but once inside the young hipsters are treated to bloody mind experiments. Robin Askwith ends up there after a breakdown together with Vanessa Shaw and after finally realising what is going on, plans to escape this lunatic hospital.

How this is considered a classic is beyond me. Badly acted, directed and dialogue that will make your toes curl this really is an incoherent mess. Taken as a black comedy you may endure its short running time but don’t go in expecting any scares, it’s not horrifying at all apart from plenty of fake blood on show. Michael Gough tries his best to keep a straight face but the dated aspect of the whole production does it no favours whatsoever.

The Blu ray released by Odeon is a good one with a strong image, close-ups are good and although parts are a little flat it is overall a very good clean transfer. Audio is as you would expect solid with PCM 2.0 mono sounding clean and clear. Extras are good, first is an interesting audio commentary by producers Richard Gordon and David De Valle, a 10-minute interview with actor Robin Askwith and the original trailer.

Fans will be very happy with this release, if you’re watching it for the first time, you have been warned.



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