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Happy Gilmore – Blu Ray Review

Adam Sandler gets a mixed reaction from film and comedy fans, he has made some great ones such as The Wedding Singer and some truly awful movies such as Jack and Jill. He also showed what a great serious actor he is with Uncut Gems in 2019.

Happy Gilmore was made in 1996 and concerns the title character who after realising that his grandmother is going to lose her house decides to enter a Golf tournament to raise enough money to buy it back. The problem is he always wanted to be an Ice Hockey player but was never getting picked after the trails. He now must repress his violent tendencies on the golf course for the sake of his grandmothers future.

While the comedy is never subtle, it is at times very funny. A good supporting cast helps including Carl Weathers as a coach who can see his potential and look out for the great cameo by Richard Kiel. The jokes are sometimes vulgar and the language crass at times, but overall this is a good-natured and hilarious look at sports and the various crazy people involved. The film is not going to convert any Adam Sandler haters, but others will have a good time watching.

The Blu ray released by Fabulous Films, like a lot of their recent releases is taken from an older master, but is still a very good-looking transfer. Colours are bright and bold, blacks solid and a big improvement over the previous DVD releases. Sound mix is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and is great, dialogue is crisp with good clarity and surround treack is used to good effect.

Extras are just deleted scenes and outtakes.


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