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Hands of the Ripper (1971) – Blu Ray Review

hands of the ripper blu ray review
hands of the ripper blu ray review

One of the latter-day Hammer horrors gets a nice Blu Ray release from Network in the UK, Hands Of The Ripper.

When a fake psychic is murdered, Dr John Pritchard cannot bring himself to believe that the only suspect – a girl called Anna – is capable of such an awful act. Pritchard takes her into his care but, as further horrific murders take place, can he act in time to stop the trail of slaughter?

The film is a fascinating and horrifying spin on the Jack the Ripper legend, featuring fabulous performances from both Eric Porter, as a doctor investigating a series of horrible murders, and Angharad Rees as the pretty, frail murder suspect.

The film has all the usual things you would expect from a Hammer movie, great period sets, a fabulous music score and the requisite gore and murder. Directed with style by Peter Sasdy the film moves at a brisk pace, the murders are well staged and you still have sympathy for Anna the main victim who is not aware of what she is capable of.

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The Blu ray has a good transfer (1.66:1 aspect ratio), grain is intact, close-ups are good and black levels stable. Audio is a robust original mono and serves the film fine. Extras are a fascinating audio commentary featuring Angharad Rees with horror historians Kim Newman and Stephen Jones, an episode of the TV series Thriller which stars Angharad Rees also, a booklet, a trailer and stills gallery.

Sadly a 30 minute documentary about the film which was on the USA release is not seen here. A good solid Hammer production and a decent Blu ray release.


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