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Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell – Review

Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell blu ray
Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell blu ray

Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell was the last Frankenstein movie to be made by the legendary Hammer Studio’s and Pete Cushing as the baron is in fine form, despite the death of his beloved wife Helen the year before, in this gory take on the legend.

A young Doctor is interned in the asylum where Baron Frankenstein supposedly perished after being found experimenting on stolen corpses. In the asylum, he meets the mysterious Doctor Victor (Peter Cushing), and gradually comes to realise that Frankenstein is alive and well and continuing his work.

Director Terence Fisher gets the most from his limited budget, the sets are typical Hammer and the acting from all the supporting cast is generally very good. What is surprising is the amount of gore on show, especially in the various scenes in the laboratory. This version is uncut, various bits were snipped by the BBFC on release including a famous scene of the baron holding a vein with his teeth as his assistant sows it together! (see pic). It is spoilt slightly by the ridiculous costume make up of the monster (David Prowse) which looks neither terrifying or from hell!

Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell review

The Blu ray released by Icon has two versions on the disc, one full-screen ratio (4:3) and the other widescreen. A comparison revealed the widescreen just cuts off the top and bottom of the frame, I did not notice any more visible image on the sides, but the composition looks fine. The picture quality is excellent on both versions, bold colours, fine grain a very good 1080p transfer. The Mono sound is clear and bold and serves the film perfectly.

Special Features:
Taking Over The Asylum: The Making Of Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell. An ok, if a little dry look at the making of the film, short but interesting.
Charming Evil: Terence Fisher at Hammer. A nice tribute to the famous director
Audio commentary by Shane Briant and Madeline Smith.

If your a fan of Hammer or Gothic horror in general then this comes recommended, especially in its remastered uncut glory.


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[…] This film is also a lot gorier than previous Hammer Frankenstein films, even if the monster suit looks pretty awful, but the time had passed for the studio and with the release of films such as The Exorcist making big bucks at the box office, they knew it was time to finish. While certainly not the best Hammer film by a long shot, this is still worth a view, especially with this new remastered release by Second Sight. The film was released onto Blu ray before by Icon and you can read my review of that disc here…. […]

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