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Drive – 4K Blu Ray Limited Edition Review. Second Sight

Second Sight in the UK has released a stunning new remaster of the classic Drive, starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

A man of few words but the best in the business getaway driver with a strict professional code, The Driver has his loner lifestyle turned upside down when he falls for his neighbour Irene. With her ex-con husband owing protection money she’s drawn into a dangerous underworld and only the driver can save her. 

One of the best films of 2011, Drive is still a masterpiece of cinema with superb direction and acting complemented by a fantastic score by composer Cliff Martinez. It builds the tension superbly and the violence when it does happen is brutal and shocking. The cast all give great performances from Carey Mulligan as the woman the driver falls for, to the vicious mob bosses played by Albert Brooks and Ron Pearlman. This is a joy to watch and not a frame is wasted telling the engrossing story.

Drive Limited Edition Package

Drive was released on Blu-ray after its initial cinema release in 2011 and it had a good solid transfer, but this new 4K restoration really does improve it dramatically. The new transfer refreshes the night tones, night colours and day interior shots and really brings it more to life. The sound is really a key element to the film and the soundtrack really rocks in this DTS 5.1 Mix. Sadly there is no Ryan Gosling in the extras but there are still a slew of new extras for this Blu-ray and 4K UHD release which includes –

  • New exclusive audio commentary by Nicolas Winding Refn and The Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw
  • Drive: a 70-minute conversation with Nicolas Winding Refn, Editor Mat Newman and Composer Cliff Martinez 
  • Cutting a Getaway – a new interview with Mat Newman
  • 3 Point Turns – a new video essay by Leigh Singer

Limited Edition Contents

  • Premium box set packaging with new artwork by AllCity
  • 240-page hardback book with new essays by Travis Crawford, Hannah, Strong, Alison Taylor, Matthew Thrift, Simon Ward, Thomas Joseph Watson and Emma Westwood, an exclusive interview with Drive author James Sallis by Matthew Thrift, original storyboards, stills and behind-the-scenes photos
  • The original novel with exclusive new artwork by AllCity
  • 7 collectors’ art cards

This is really the ultimate release for this fantastic film and I urge all fans to purchase immediately.

FILM – 10 PICTURE – 10 AUDIO – 10 EXTRAS – 8.5

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