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Drive (1997) – Coming Soon From 88 Films

The excellent cult action movie Drive, made in 1997 and starring Marc Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison is getting a Blu ray and UHD 4K release soon from 88 Films in the UK.

This fast and furious action flick combines the superhero film with the cop buddy movie in a high-octane chase feature populated with explosive Hong Kong-style martial arts set pieces in a bombastically entertaining slice of nineties fun. When special agent Toby Wong (Dacascos) is fitted with an advanced bio device giving him superhuman powers, he fears that he and the new technology will be exploited for ill gain when the Chinese government takes back control of Hong Kong. Fleeing to San Francisco, he plans to sell the device to a company in Los Angeles, but when he teams up with down on his luck singer Malik (Hardison) he finds himself being pursued by ruthless assassin Madison and his band of mercenaries.

This release will be from a new 4K remaster, no news yet of what extra feature will be on this release.

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