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Dreamscape – Blu Ray Review

dreamscape blu ray review
dreamscape blu ray review

Dreamscape is a Sci-Fi fantasy film released in 1984 and stars Dennis Quaid, Max Von Sydow and Kate Capshaw.

Young psychic Alex Gardner is coerced into joining a dream research project in which those with his abilities are trained to enter and affect the dreams of others. What begins as an experiment in remedying nightmares turns into something far more sinister however when a corrupt government official seizes control of the project. Only Alex can stop his diabolical plan.

The film has a very interesting concept, that someone with great psychic abilities can actually enter someone else’s dreams and find out how it is affecting them in everyday life but of course, this being Hollywood there is always someone or some organisation that wants to use it for more sinister means.

This idea was expanded upon in the 2010 film Inception but obviously with a much bigger budget and technically advanced special effects. The cast are all excellent, Christopher Plumber and David Patrick Kelly are great as the villains and although the effects have of course dated, they still stand up well, especially the snake-headed demon. Scenes, where David Patrick Kelly uses Throwing Stars and nunchuku chain sticks, are intact in this uncut version, unlike previous earlier UK releases which were cut.

The transfer on this disc from Second Sight is very good, taken from a new 2k master. It has a soft look with detail lacking in some areas, but this is probably more to do with the source material and the wide-ranging use of older optical effects. Audio gives you a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track, along with a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track which what it was on the original theatrical release, both are fine if not spectacular.

dreamscape snakehead monster

Extras are good. You get a couple of interesting interviews with Dennis Quaid and David Patrick Kelly, an interesting retrospective called Dreamscapes And Dreammakers which includes interviews with Director Joseph Ruben, Co-Writer David Loughery, Actor David Patrick Kelly And other members of the Special Effects Team. Nightmares And Dreamsnakes look back at the Snakeman effects with Craig Reardon, David Patrick Kelley and others.

You also get an in-depth conversation between Producer Bruce Cohn Curtis and Co-Writer/Producer Chuck Russell and finally an interesting audio commentary with Bruce Cohn Curtis, David Loughery and Special Makeup artist Craig Reardon.

A fun ride from the 1980’s with good performances and a decent story and a feature-packed Blu ray from Second Sight.


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