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Broken City – Blu Ray Review

broken city blu ray
broken city blu ray

In Broken City Mark Wahlberg plays another cop, this time named Billy Taggart, who has a drinking problem and who gets into a lot of trouble after a shootout in which a young gangster gets shot and killed by him. Taggart resigns from the police force and soon after meets the Mayor (Russell Crowe), who declares him a hero. Years later, the Mayor calls Taggart’s office to hire his services as a private detective.

The Mayor is running for a new term in office and is suspicious that his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is having an affair which would ruin his reputation. After taking the photo’s of the wife to the mayor the man in question is found shot dead and Taggart soon realises that he has been framed and does everything in his power to bring the major down and uncover the truth.

The problem with this film although well acted, is that it’s been seen a thousand times before. Most of the actors look bored not helped by creaky dialogue and subplots that go no-where. For those that like cop thrillers Broken City is enjoyable enough, not bad just forgettable.

The Blu ray released by Studio Canal has an impressive 1080p transfer, it was shot digitally so as expected no problems to report at all. Contrast and colour are muted which serves the films New York locations well. The sound has a DTS MA 5.1 track which is fine, nothing to shout about but again it serves the film fine. Extras are a trailer, deleted scenes and an ok making of.




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