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Andy Warhol’s Flesh For Frankenstein and Blood For Dracula Coming Soon

While not for everyone’s taste, two infamous horror movies Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood For Dracula are coming to Blu-ray in the UK courtesy of Screenbound.


The eccentric Baron von Frankenstein (Udo Kier) partners with his peculiar assistant, Otto, to craft a superior master race, with the Baron as its leader. He assembles two flawless ‘zombies’ from assorted body parts, intending them to produce offspring. Amidst this, a web of complications unfolds as Nicholas, a farmhand, engages in an affair with the Baron’s unsatisfied wife. Simultaneously, Nicholas seeks his vanished friend Sacha, whose head and brain have been employed in the creation of Frankenstein’s male ‘zombie’.


  • Audio Commentary with Samm Deighan, Heather Drain, and Kat Ellinger
  • Trans-Human Flesh & Blood (HD – 50:05)
  • The Ecstasy of Frankenstein (HD – 17:50)
  • In the Flesh (HD – 12:48)
  • Dimension in Fear (HD – 11:15)
  • Andy’s Shadow (HD – 15:31)
  • Building the World of Frankenstein (HD – 28:31)
  • Don’t Say a Word (HD – 13:00)
  • Feed My Frankenstein (HD – 16:26)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer (HD – 3:21)
  • Radio Spots (HD – 1:06)
  • Promotional Still Gallery (HD – 7:26)
  • Audio Recollections with Paul Morrissey (SD – 23:45)
  • Screen Test Footage with Paul Morrissey (SD – 4:12)
  • Raw Q&A Footage with Paul Morrissey (SD – 33:36)
blood for dracula blu ray


The ailing Count Dracula (Udo Kier) and his conniving aide, Anton (Arno Juerging), journey to Italy in pursuit of virgin blood. Their path leads them to the decaying mansion of the indebted Marchese Di Fiore (Vittorio De Sica), who’s keen to wed his daughters to wealthy suitors. Yet, what awaits are not chaste maidens, but rather incestuous lesbians tainted by impure blood.

Extras :

  • Little Big Joe – Interview with Actor Joe Dallesandro
  • Conversation with a Vampire – Audio Interview with Actress Milena Vukotic
  • Bloodthirsty – Interview with Assistant Director Paolo Pietrangeli
  • Black Cherry – Interview with Art Director Gianni Giovagnoni
  • The Blood of These Whores… – Interview with ‘Murderous Passions’ Author Stephen Thrower
  • Sad Romantic Dracula – Interview with Soundtrack Composer Claudio Gizzi
  • The Roman Connection – Interview with Producer Andrew Braunsberg

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