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A Blade in the Dark – Review

a blade in the dark blu ray review
a blade in the dark blu ray

88 films continue to release a series of Italian horror movies onto Blu Ray and this Giallo is directed by Lamberto Bava son of legendary director Mario Bava.

Set in a quiet retreat in Tuscany A Blade in the Dark concerns a composer who is composing some music for a new horror film. He meets two young ladies his first night there but they mysteriously go missing and after a few other strange events happen he thinks they have been murdered. Now after his girlfriend becomes involved he believes the film he is working on has something to do with it but will he find out or is he just going to be another victim?

As far as Giallo thrillers go this is above average if a little predictable. The murders when they happen are at first tame but become gorier as the film progresses. The acting is par for the course for this type of film and as the actors involved are mostly Italian I watched it in that language with subtitles rather than the tepid English dub.

The transfer from 88 Films is a little flat, the 1080p picture is soft and grainy in places and not that colourful but as this was shot in 16mm you cannot expect too much more. The sound is post-dubbed in both versions and the DTS MA mono soundtrack is clear and fine. Extras consist of a Q&A with the director, a twenty-minute interview with the cinematographer, and the Italian opening/closing credits.

Fans of Italian horror will be very pleased with this release and while the visual presentation is a little disappointing, it’s great to see such genre titles getting HD treatment in the UK.



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