The Wicker Man:Final Cut. UK Release.

wicker man

Cult British horror movie The Wicker Man is getting a special edition Blu ray release on October 13th from of Studio Canal.

It will be the first time a fully restored and remastered Blu ray has been released. Studio Canal have for the past year conducted an extensive worldwide search for film materials for The Wicker Man, including a public appeal to fans for clues as to where the missing original cut might be. Eventually a 35mm release print was found at Harvard Film Archives which director Robin Hardy has confirmed is the cut he had put together with distributors Abraxas in 1979 for the US release.

The director admits that the original long version will now never be found and is probably lost forever. However, he is delighted that a 1979 print has been found which is a cut he put together himself  which crucially restores the story order to that which he originally intended.

The remastered 3 Disc Blu ray will have the following:

Disc 1
The final Cut
The Directors Cut with commentary
The UK theatrical cut
Making of Audio Commentary short film
Disc 2
Interview with Robin Hardy
The music of The Wicker Man featurette
Worshiping The Wicker Man – Famous fans featurette
The restoration of The Wicker Man featurette
Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man documentary written by Mark Kermod; Interview with Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy
Disc 3