The Killing : Season 1-3 Review


The Killing is an original Danish TV detective show where Police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences. All three seasons have a very good written storyline, clever and completely absorbing with  superb acting and very good art direction. Please don’t be put off by subtitles as the drama really draws you into the situations even if they are very grim at times.

Season 1 : Who Killed Nanna Birk Larsen? Head of investigations, Sarah Lund, is about to emigrate to Sweden, but as the tied-up body of a missing girl is found her plans are put on hold. In the course of 20 gripping episodes, each chronicling a day in the investigation, Copenhagen’s secrets, corruption and power struggles emerge as the hunt for the killer intensifies and the truth becomes ever harder to find.

Season 2 : Sarah Lund returns to Copenhagen to investigate a savage murder when an ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan is savagely killed. Parallel to Lund, both the Minister of Justice and an escaped convict are also desperately searching for the murderer. They are the protagonists of a twisting tale of top-level cover-ups, betrayals and lies set in a time of fear–that of Islamic terrorism.

Season 3 : What appears to be a random murder at a scrapyard in the Copenhagen docks begins to interfere with Lund’s plans for a quieter life and draws attention towards the shipping and oil giant Zeeland, run by billionaire Robert Zeuthen. Meanwhile Sarah Lund is disturbed by an old flame, Mathias Borch, from the National Intelligence Service (PET) who fears that the killing in the docks is the beginning of an assassination attempt upon the Prime Minister.

All three seasons are different and compelling drama. One of the best series of its kind to come out of Europe for many years.

The Blu ray released has a crisp clean 1080p transfer on all the episodes as expected on a recent TV show it really does drag you into the picture. Audio is again top notch, very centre orientated because of the dialogue but clean and crisp all the same.

Overall a great package and great value, anyone interested in quality TV drama should get these immediately.

Trivia: The Danish title “Forbrydelsen” translates to “The Crime”, not “The Killing”.