The Complete and Utter History of Britain From Network

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Written by and starring Michael Palin and Terry Jones The Complete and Utter History of Britain is to be released by Network on the 7th of April.
Originally shown in 1969, this series offered a typically Pythonesque look at British history – as if television had been around to cover events as they unfolded. Thus we find Richard the Lionheart relating his exploits in the Crusades in the manner of a laddish holidaymaker and William the Conquerer engaging in post-match analysis (following an unspectacular scuffle in which King Harold is finally felled by a baguette). Studio sketches and filmed inserts are interspersed with the meandering insights of historian Professor Weaver (Roddy Maude-Roxby), with links by faintly bemused continuity presenter Colin Gordon.

Sadly incomplete in the archives, this set contains all remaining episodes along with the film inserts which Terry Jones has kept safe for nearly fifty years.

This set features:

  • 50 minute feature containing new linking material from Palin and Jones
  • Interview with producer Humphrey Barclay
  • The first two episodes as transmitted (The only ones known to exist)
  • The first two episodes as recorded (including UN-transmitted sketches)
  • All existing film insert material
  • Brand new booklet by Andrew Pixley
  • Image Gallery.
  • Review soon.