John Carpenter’s Vampires : Review

January 25, 2017 0

Arguably John Carpenter’s last great film, Vampires is based on the novel by John Steakley and concerns Jack Crow brilliantly played by James Woods who’s team of mercenary vampire hunters is slaughtered by the master ……(Read More)

New Indicator January UK Releases

November 23, 2016 0

UK Label Indicator have announced 3 new releases for January 2017. First is John Carpenter’s excellent Vampires starring James Woods who leads a band of ruthless vampire hunters in a blood-soaked battle against the undead. ……(Read More)

Christine : Review

October 16, 2016 0

Director John Carpenter has gained a huge cult following and its easy to see why with classics such as Halloween and The Thing but here he took on a novel by famed writer Stephen King ……(Read More)

No Picture

They Live : Review

October 15, 2014 0

“I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass – and i’m all out of bubble gum!” One of the most famous lines from the John Carpenter classic They Live, released on Blu ……(Read More)