Captain Scarlet From Network

November 22, 2017 0

Network UK have released the first volume of the remastered Blu ray of the Gerry Anderson classic Captain Scarlet. One of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s best-loved series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons brought a new ……(Read More)

Invasion UFO Blu Ray Release

July 30, 2016 0

In the early 1970’s Gerry Anderson went from his cult puppet tv series such as Thunderbirds to live action with the space drama U.F.O. Invasion UFO is a tv movie cobbled together from various episodes ……(Read More)

Terrahawks : UK Blu Ray in July

June 29, 2016 0

The ever popular Gerry Anderson series of TV shows including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed today by adults and kids alike. Terrahawks was his puppet series ……(Read More)

No Picture

Space 1999 : Series 2.

September 9, 2015 0

Network in the UK are set to release the second season of cult Sci Fi series Space 1999 on Blu ray on September 28th. This British sci-fi series from Gerry Anderson has not been accessible ……(Read More)